Artist Biography

Carlos Enrico Montano

Carlos Enrico Montano was born and raised in Coopersville, MI where he cultivated an early fondness for art and the wonders it held. The four seasons of nature filled his childhood with a vast array of colors, which became his inspiration as he built a successful career in hair, specializing in fashion colors.

As an adult, Carlos made his home in Portland, OR where he became a contributing member of the early underground music scene. During that time, he also became involved in the Burning Man Community; his involvement there and passion for all things art and color led him to volunteer with large-scale art projects built on Playa.

In 2015, Carlos moved his family to the Hawaiian island of Maui. Carlos took advantage of every opportunity to be in the water, as well as explore all the incredible tropical colors that decorated the island. The eruption of Mt. Kiluea in 2018 inspired his first few paintings, portraying the dramatic moment when the lava touches the ocean. He has since expanded his artwork, creating pieces with powerful silhouettes surrounded by an explosion of colors used to represent movement and music.

Carlos has been included in numerous art fairs and gatherings on island. Additionally, he donates many original pieces to various prestigious charities of Hawai'i.